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Our Hosts

Favorite drink: Mojitos are life
Favorite spot: Mike's Cabin, RetroGame Bar, and any place that plays loads of Latin music 
Fun facts: Harry Potter and the MCU are actually life though
Why seoul pub crawl? It's one of the best opportunies to meet some amazing humans like you!

A question you want to be asked: 'Wow, your makeup is beautiful! Did you do it yourself?' (Yes. Yes, I did)

I'm probably the cutest party captain, and that's not just cause I'm short. If your favorite quote is the same as mine, I'll have no choice but to buy you a drink, but I promise it's not the same 😉


Favorite drink: Te-kill-ya
Favorite Spots: Mike's cabin, Arena
Fun Fact: I make my own beef jerky
Pet Peeves: Chewing out loud!
Favorite hangover food: Pringles potato chips and strawberry ice cream!
Favorite late night snack: Redbull
Question want to be asked: What is the meaning of life?


Favorite drink: Classic Gin Tonic
Favorite Spots: Joon's Bar, FF and B1
Fun Fact: I'm not Korean 😘
Pet Peeves:
Rude behavior
Favorite hangover food: 순대국
Favorite late night snack: 만두
Question want to be asked: ask me anything!  I'm pretty open minded 😉


Favorite drink: Skrewdriver, not piledriver
Favorite Spots: Mike's cabin, B one & MADE
Fun Fact: JFK (Joyful Korean Fuxker) 😘
Pet Peeves: 
Somebody is throwing up right in front of me!
Favorite hangover food: Haejang soup & Instant Ramen 
Favorite late night snack:
Give some pizza to me
Question want to be asked: What is the source of my unlimited energy