The district is full of character and youth. Every tourist, student, expat, and locals gather in this area at least once. The nightlife scene here is vast and intense. Do not miss 30 minutes of unlimited *soju & beer time (exclusive for summer time)


We meet inside of the 1st bar of the night. Although we change around the venues, our 1st bar is of Hongdae Pub Crawl is usually Mike’s Cabin- one of the most popular bars in Hongdae area. Check address and direction in TICKET page


3 shots at bars + 1 free drink at B-One [One of the biggest clubs in Seoul with 2 music zones, 3 lounges]

Discount with wristbands

Free entrance to the club

Professional party photos

Skip the line

Our famous I SOJU U t-shirt on $8 pre-purchase

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